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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Long Needed Update

So I as usual have been horrible at my upkeep of the blog. It seems to be a growing trend with everyone though so I don't feel as guilty. Here are a few things that have been going on in the Doom household over the last few months...

In September we moved. We were so sad to leave all of the wonderful friends that we had come to know in our little complex but are also excited to move on to bigger things. We are now living in the house that I grew up in which is lots of fun to be back in my home ward.

October we celebrated Halloween all month long. We were able to go to Cornbelly's with some of our really good friends. It is so much fun to see Brooklyn growing up and being able to do some of the "BIG kid things". She seems to be learning something new everyday. I also celebrated my 27th birthday. I can't believe that I am that old. Time really does fly the older you get. Anywho...
The day before my birthday our old ward had a Chili cookoff and pumpkin decorating contest. For those of you that know Kellan you also know that he is a very competitive person. So of course he made a chili and carved a pumpkin. And with true Doom fashion everything was thrown together at the last minute. But everything went together as it usually does. Kellan made a duck chili and I made a white bean chicken chili. Surprisingly enough everyone LOVED Kellan's chili because he won first place. His pumpkin also took first as it was a pumpkin sitting on a toilet with a pie underneath showing where pumpkin pie comes from.
Halloween we were able to take Brooklyn out to our friends house. Thanks Becca and Parish for having us over! We had chili and breadbowls for dinner before taking the kiddos out. I really need to get better at taking picture because I did not get any pictures of Brooklyn in her cute little Minnie Mouse outfit. She was so much fun this year. She was able to have such a good example of how things were supposed to be done by Brock. After the first couple of houses she knew that she had to knock, say treat and then she got candy. She was even polite enough to say thank you after.

November brought us Thanksgiving. This year we were able to spend the whole day at my Grandma Olney's house. This year has really put things into perspective with my parents divorce. We are now going to have to start a rotation for the holidays. It makes me really sad that I have to choose between seeing family. But such is life. I was not going to do the black friday thing because I think that it gets crazy and brings out the worst in some people, it also gets you to buy something that you did not really need since it was such a good deal. But as I was looking through the ads there was some really good deals on clothes at Old Navy and both Kellan and I needed some new clothes and they were offering a free camera for a limited number of people. I ended up going over to the store at about 9:30 for the opening at midnight. I was the 10th person in line and they were giving it out to the first 40. Sweet I made it in time! So I ended up getting tons of clothes and a free camera. Totally worth it.

Now it is December and I am so excited for Brooklyn's Christmas this year. She is starting to grasp the concept of things so we will see how she does with Christmas.

Brooklyn is the light of our lives. She amazes me every day at how smart she is. It seems like I teach her something once and she remembers it. She makes me appreciate every minute that I get to spend with her. She also makes me realize how important the Plan of Salvation is. I am so grateful to be sealed together as a forever family and to know that this happiness does not end. I obviously don't want it to end anytime soon, mostly because I still have so much to learn but I want to spend more time teaching Brooklyn what she needs to know. There have been circumstances in my family over the last couple of months that have really brought into perspective the importance of the Gospel in my life. My heart goes out to my Grandpa Grow who's health seems to be increasingly declining as well as to my Uncle Mark who has had a two year battle with brain cancer. He has been fighting a long and hard battle with the cancer but is getting really tired of fighting and seems to be preparing to return to our Father in Heaven. Both of these great men have made me have a better understanding of our eternal plans for all of us.
On that note I will work on getting better at updating the blog as well as having pictures to make it a little more interesting! I wish all of my family and friends a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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