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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Part of a statistic

This is a sad, long put off post. But if I want any record of the proceedings in my life since this is like a journal for me I must do it. Among the many statistics I could find online the percentage of people that are divorced in the United States is 10%. That may not seem like alot compared to how many people there are but it is far higher than it should be. According to a website 45-50% of first marriages end in divorce. That just blows my mind that people can just throw it all away. I am sad to say that after 31 years of what I thought had been a pretty happy marriage my parents are too throwing in the towel. Totally threw me for a loop when I heard this. I still don't know if I know all the facts and what has happened over the last month and a half (yes that is all the time it took) but once the papers go through than it will be a matter of 90 days until the divorce is final. It is kind of crazy cause Cassie my sister in law just made a post on her blog about divorce. I don't think that she knew anything about my parents but she was curious as to if it was worth it. I think as long as you keep close to Heavenly Father and ALWAYS have the gospel in your lives that you can work any problems out. I understand that there are exceptions to the rule but I would hope that every step you could take to over come the problem would be taken before just throwing in the towel. It has been a sad 2 months and if I have seemed distant to anyone that is probably the reason. I am coming to terms with the idea of what this entails and hope that I have the strength to move past this awful time in my life. I am just so grateful for the testimony that I have that families will be together forever and that we are given trials in this life so that we may grow. We may not know the reason for these trials and what we need to learn from them but we will one day. I am grateful that I have a loving husband that has helped me get through this hardship and when I am having a sad moment all I have to do is just look at my beautiful daughter and she brightens any sad moment and it is just that a moment. I know that our family is an eternal one and we will be together throughout the eternities. I love both my mom and dad and I will be there for both of them through all of this.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Life and Times of Brooklyn

There have been a few things going on in the last month and I have slacked on posting them. So I will try to get a quick update in.
First we started Brooklyn on solid foods about a month and a half ago. Let me just tell you this girl LOVES food! Any time I am holding her and trying to eat she opens her mouth for a taste of what mom has. Or if she sees the spoon her mouth pops right open.

We did the mean parent thing and gave her a taste of a salt and vinegar chip. I for some reason cannot upload video to blogger (I am blogger illiterate so if you want to see the video I posted it on facebook.)

She also learned how to roll over. In one swift moment like she had been doing it forever. We were over at my in-laws and I had laid her on the table to change her diaper and after we were finished I let her lay there to just kick her legs and the nexst thing I knew she was reaching out for the wipes and flipped over to get them. (There is also a video on facebook about this!) Maybe when Kellan gets home he can figure it out cause he is smart like that!

She can sit up for a few seconds but is really wobbly so that is the next thing we will be working on. Here is a pic of that.

We went to Lagoon for my mother in laws work Lagoon day and we failed to get any pictures of the day. (we are still working on the parnets taking pictures thing.) But I can say that Brooklyn had tons of fun and she warmed up to Grandpa Doom especially when he gave her an animal cooklie with icing! ( I was not around to protest! Dang long lines)

Like father like daughter. Here is some chill time on the couch!
Other random pics of the baby!