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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby has more fun with our friends

As Mindy was watching the baby for us. She was able to get the baby laughing on video and it is really cute. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th Of July

The festivities this year seemed to last a whole week long. On June 26th we went to Taylorsville Days with some of our closest friends.

This is cute Emma Lee Scott holding Brooklyn. She loves to hold her and does so well with Brooklyn. She will be a great mommy one day!

I realized that we did not get any pictures of the 3 of us. (Partly because I still have baby weight that I need to lose and hate my pic being taken) I will work on that!

Here was one of the fireworks in the sky I show this cause the next pic is of what Brooklyn was doing with all the fireworks.

She LOVED them. She was so mesmerized by the whole thing.The only thing she would do with the loud BOOM fireworks was close her eyes!

This is her cute outfit that she wore to be patriotic on the 4th of July. Jana Scott made that cute little bow in her hair. I need to start making more for her!

On Monday July 5th we had our friends over for a yummy BBQ and some homemade ice cream. It was fun to get together with all our friends and the kiddos. I love the awesome friends that we have made in our little community and can't wait for the next get together.

In a few days Brooklyn is going to be 3 months old. I cannot believe how the time has flown by. She gave me her first real giggle yesterday when I was changing her. She loves being on her changing table and I always get the cutest smiles. I will try to capture some of those for another post. I cannot believe how much love I have for this little girl, but some times I just look at her and get tears in my eyes to think about this beautiful angel that we created!