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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Last week we used our free passes to Cowabunga Bay. We went with the Scott's and had a BLAST! Here are a few pics from our adventures....
Brooklyn was not too sure about the water at first.

Then she tolerated it for a few minutes, but she had missed her morning nap and so she was not in the mood for anything but sleep. I put her down in the stroller and she fell asleep really quick!

Kellan just LOVES the sun, can't you tell?!?

Here is a pic of Brooklyn sleeping, she did this for most of the time there. Good thing so she did not burn her fair skin.
I on the other hand love the sun and could be out in it every day, all day!

I made Kellan smile in this picture it does not look too forced.

This is one of the two big pails of water that is filled up and then dropped on the waiting patrons.
Kellan, Neil and I being DRENCHED!

Kellan is a kid at heart and loved playing with all the little water things there.

Kellan wiping the water out of his face for the millionth time.

Monday, August 16, 2010

4 Month Check up

Last Wednesday was Brooklyn's 4 month check up. Here are her stats:

Weight 14.8 lbs. 75th percentile
Height 25 1/4 in. 80th percentile
Head 16 1/2 in. 60th percentile

The doctor was amazed again at how perfectly round her head is. He was also impressed by her muscle strength. We got the okay to start her on solid foods. Which is perfect timing because she watches Kellan and I as we eat. Kellan was eating some wheat thins one day and she would just follow his hand from the box to his mouth and back again. Needless to say he let her try it out and first thing she does when she gets it is pops it in her mouth. We started rice cereal and she seems to tolerate it. I can't imagine that it is the best tasting stuff but she eats it. The one thing she loves to eat is animal crackers. Grandma Doom gave her one of those and she scarfed it down. When she was done she started to fuss and stopped as soon as she got another one. We are probably horrible for giving her these things so soon but I think she is ready.
She is such a happy baby. She is quick to give a smile and if you catch her right she will even give you a laugh. I love to hear that sound, it really is music to my ears. She knows who mom and dad are. I love to see her eyes light up when Kellan or I get home from work and she sees us. She has not quite mastered the art of rolling over just yet, she gets to her side but has not rolled on her own yet. But I know she will get there soon as you can see that she wants to.
Brooklyn loves to sleep with her teddy bear. I took a picture of her napping with him and our bed.